Software for the determination of 
optimal profiles for slopes 
and pitwalls

The challenge.

Issue 1

Current pitwall profiles are far from optimal: at present pitwall profiles are designed assuming a constant inclination within each rock layer. This is far from optimal as demonstrated by the profiles found by OptimalSlope which achieve higher overall inclinations for the pitwall without compromising safety, i.e. achieving the same Factor of Safety.

Issue 3

Current pitwall profiles are designed by geotechnical consultants on the basis of their experience and overly simplified formulae (e.g. use of stability charts where the whole slope is assumed as uniform). No software for the design of pitwalls exist.

Issue 2

Mining is a highly carbon intensive industry needing urgent solutions to reduce mining carbon footprint. 

Issue 4

Current life-of-mine design methodology is sequential: pitwall profiles are provided by geotechnical consultants to mining engineers who run pit optimisers. No iterations are performed between pit optimisation and pitwall design so the resulting mine design (pushbacks and UPL) often turn out to be highly suboptimal. Sometimes attempts to steepen pitwalls are made during mine excavation but any of these attempts is highly constrained by the overall mine shape so of limited benefit. 

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